2023 Jersey Rally Teams

1. Richard Fishleigh/Jason McCullough

2.  Jeremy Baudains/James Ollivro – Escort Millington engine. The SilverFox ! previous winner – warmed up with some great results in Wales earlier this year.

3. Ross le Noa/Domonic Volante – Escort Millington powered – multiple winners of Jersey, L’Etacq, Guernsey. The shyest driver we know but the loudest on the stages!

4. Dave Oliveira/Victor Nobrega – another fast exciting Escort Millington – Victor is also kindly a stage sponsor through Sign Solutions – high seeding following a great result in 2022.

5. Stevie Leonard/Sion Humphreys – very welcome return of this highly successful team in their stunning 2 litre escort (Vauxhall) – multiple winner of the Jersey rally – certainly the poshest service vehicle !   visited Les Landes Primary School this morning to encourage the drivers of the future and talk about road safety.

6. Dale Crowsley/Will Rutherford – top Guernsey team, Millington powered Escort, formerly owned by Peter Rayner.

7. Andy Corner/Ade Campo – Peugeot FWD2 class – these two have been together longer than many couples! Watch the InCar to enjoy Ade’s gravelly tones! Great success in Jersey over the years a, beat their 20 seeding hands down last year.

8. Sam Touzel/Aaron Nicolle – Escort 2 litre,  exciting young driver with plenty of potential; wrote his car off last year and has built the stunning Escort for 2023. Good results in Guernsey and L’Etacq – and also at the Motocross this season.

9. Simon Le Noa/Katie Le Noa – fabulous return of the amazing Ford Anglia – widened and ngine transplant to a Millington – it will be flying like Harry Potter’s Anglia.  Battle to get the car to the start following issues at a track day.

10. Rob de Ste Paer/Sam Simon  – Rob is one of our most loyal competitors and a very hard working committee member with many roles he fulfils. Car is the shell used by Dave Carrel to great effect to win many Jersey rallies now fitted with Millington and Sadev sequential.

11. John Le Brun/Tim Hamon – exciting driving expected from this former Handbrake Trophy winner in the first of the BMW cars – John has featured at the very front in recent years.

12. James Labey/Rob Hannah – having tried an Escort the Labey family now graduated to a modern Fiesta r5.  Last minute change of navigator to Rob Hannah.

14. Ed Fossey/Gareth Parry – double national champion Ed returns to his home event and his first ever drive of a RWD Escort – interesting especially if the weather is wet as Ed has had no seat time in this beautiful car!

15. Steve Ellis/Jamie Vaughan – looking for the finish they deserve this year – as have always been fast. 2 litre Escort.

16. James Munden/Andrew Frost – another 2.5 Escort – Jim a very regular visitor to the Jersey rally, best Jersey Rally result 5th,   

17. Ian Godney/Kieran Gregory – Ian back with the Super2000 Suzuki Swift – one to watch for the FWD2 class – stunning looking and very fast.

18. Tom Todd/Chris Beer – fabulous looking Darrian, 1st visit to Jersey, won Bovington in August and enjoying the closed road rallies on offer.

19. Paul Trebert/Jason Carre – Tubs delighted to be back in an Escort (ex James Labey) and achieving stunning results – 2nd in Guernsey earlier 2023.

20. Mark Syvret/Chris Fox – fabulous classic Escort with two of our hardest workers in organising the Jersey rally. Mark also kindly through Romerils is a Stage Sponsor – Foxy now over 60 but says he still feels 21.

21. David Kynaston/?? – panic on Thursday as David advertised for a navigator – …. a very gifted engineer and successful rally driver well known for his Audi exploits – now in the classic TR7 V8 one of our many Devon visitors.

22.  Chris Barette/Martin Fernando – another of many local Escorts, 2.3litre – Martin’s first rally as a co driver but has had plenty of help.

23. Mark Follain/Lee Dare – another fabulous classic 2 litre Escort – the team warmed up with the Escort Special Rally in Belgium and a great result– a feast of old school Escorts and a fabulous festival. 2 litre of classic power.

24. Fraser Torode/…………… – Peugeot 205 in FWD2 class. Another young Guernseyman who had a very successful karting career before building his own Peugeot rally car.  Has rallied successfully in both islands now for several years.  Celebrating the 205’s 40th birthday.

25. Chris Torode/Nick Saunders – very popular Guernsey visitors and the head of Clan Torode.  Nick also a very successful hillclimb racer in his own right.  One of many Guernsey based Peugeot – Chris karted as a youngster. 

26. John Morgan/Llinos Jones Edwards – son of the winner of first Jersey Rally – Den Motorsport built Escort 2.5 litre Millington. John brought the Escort to Jersey for the August Jersey Festival of Motorsport.  Was seeded 18 in 2022 so will look to improve on this year position.  (Chris Le Bonniec thought he had sold the car before the Rally but it was just a jest).

27.  Richard Manning /Simon Bonny – escort 2.4 litre built on Island.  Richard has had a great year rallying and great results. Much improved seeding this year.

28. David Longfellow/Mark Broadbent – back with the Mitsubishi Evo 9 after testing Jersey lanes with a Fiesta R2T last year. 4WD might well be a good choice looking at the weather!

29. Paul Vibert/Richard Amy – Escort 1340cc – one of the smallest BD engines in a Ford and some great results from this “pocket rocket”.  Paul taking time off from the Falles bodyshop to compete.

30. Sam Cox/Paul Brown – Renault Clio Cup Car – great rally car – Sam hoping Pauls experience in Jersey will assist him – Paul having sat with Stuart Fossey and Ian Godney. 

31. Rex Ireland/Dan Morefield – another stunning Escort – rS1800  2 litre and in the team with the stunning Darrian – Escort formerly owned by the McRae family.

32.  Lyn Llewellyn/Emma Cooper – exciting Citroen C2 “maxi body”  beautifully prepared running in the FWD2 class.

33. Nick Duquemin/Phil Ferbrache – Escort 2.5 another of our many Guernsey visitors  – Nick’s father also a successful rally driver (Gary). 

34. Chris Cotillard/Harri Cotillard – (seeded 43 last year)  – another Den Motorsport Escort with 2.5 Millington.

35. Roger Henderson/Tommi Henderson – Fiesta Rally4 – the follow on to class R2 – strictly regulated with standard but rallying parts – beautifully prepared car and their first major rally with this car.  Previously in an Escort. Roger says he is going for a finish. 

36. Richard Weatherley/Shaun Layland – Fiesta rally4 – the second of our junior rally category cars also racing at world rally championship rally.

37. Craig Robert/Chris Guille – Honda Civic – same seeding as 2022 !  he’s really looking forward to the challenge of 2 days in the Jersey lanes.  Craig  great competitor always enjoyed coming from Guernsey.

38. Stephen Le Brun/Matthew Le Brun – BMW E30 – successful motocross racers and “stunt riders” too – enjoying their rallying and proving that experience on 2 wheels gives you a headstart.

39. Kevin Rumens/Kay Taylor –  great rally team from Guernsey with many good results in UK as well as Jersey – 2 litre Escort.

40. Nathan Nicolle/Romany Stephens – graduated from Lupo to BMW – Nathan developing the car over time. Great result at Bovington in August.

41. Disco David Truscott/Andy Simpson – another classic Escort with BD power – very successful partnership, have been away to several English closed road events. Escort was the favourite car of the broadcasters at Three Shires.

42. Jon Mallen/Sienna Denny Mallen – father & daughter team in 2.5litre Vauxhall powered Escort – 2nd year rallying together and some great results.  New livery for this event as Jon thought there were “too many white Escorts” – former Kevin Fossey car.

43. Chris Slade/Robert Selley – welcome English visitors in escort 1998cc .   

44. Richard Le Marquand/Trevor Rabet –  one of the hardest working members of the Committee Richard built this beautiful Escort himself – in the 2 litre class. Trevor has co-drove for him for many many years. Richard won the Mark Lowe Memorial Trophy in its first year for his dedication.

45. Steve Furzeland/Kevin Moore –back this year for a finish. Regular competitor with his WRC Subaru across the whole of the UK but he has brought his daughter’s B13 to this event – narrow lanes maybe! Kevin did the Jersey Rally 32 years ago in an MG Midget with his wife for their honeymoon

46. Jonathan Robilliard/Gregory Robert – another Guernsey Peugeot 205 – seeded at 89 last year at their first rally. Done well and also in Guernsey.

47. Jack Hinton/Connor Carre – Nova experts !  Jack has had a great year hillclimbing as well as rallying – car beautifully prepared 1598cc.

48. Angus Torode/Adam Creed – Citroen C2R2 in the class B – (same seed as 2022) final member of Clan Torode from Guernsey; very successful junior kart racer who graduated to codriving for Dad  Chris and then developed the Citroen himself.

49. Tim Alderson/Peter Villars – BMW E30 – another long term partnership.  Tim has encouraged many new rally drivers too.   also one of our most dedicated scrutineers. They even have  BMW for the quarry rallies – definitely the biggest smiles from this team.

50. David Edmunds/Dom Jeans – stunning Ford Escort 2 lt replacing his Honda Civic class C 2 Litre; Earliest Jersey rally was 2004 . 

51. John Eborall/Alex Rosamund – Peugeot 106 class B up to 1600; the ever smiling Ebby has come to Jersey for many years – always keen to finish.

52. Bruce Robinson/Ashley Heath – another lovely classic Escort for the Jayen boss.New co-driver so see how the team goes but looking for a good finish.

53. Karl Robert/Luke Saunders – another of our many Guernsey crews – Karl has rallied Peugeot 205 for many years and will be a part of the Peugeot 40th anniversary.

54. Alastair Flack/Simon May – an exciting TR7 V8 this year.  Significant work on the engine by Grace Developments. 

55. Stuart Thompson/James Phillips – a very fast Vauxhall Nova which Stuart has owned for many years – many class wins.  James a very loyal codriver and working well as a team. Spent the morning back at Primary School showing the car and talking rallying.

56. Derek Le Bailly/Matt Renouf – fabulous early Escort lent to Derek by his cousin Wayne. Matt’s first rally, also Fetch & Karrie are a stage sponsor.  Imagine there will be a lot of the craic in this car!

57. Keith Pinel/ Matt Pinel – COMPETED IN FIRST JERSEY RALLY – Lotus Sunbeam was acquired 2022 and team looking forward to building on previous successes.

58. Steven Knight/Ben Hague – Peugeot 206 – former Guernsey car (Paul Trebert).  Has invested heavily in engine etc. 

59. Carl Le Cornu/Matt Godfray – Renault Clio RS 1997 cc – exciting more powerful than previous car.

60. Ashleigh Morris/Emma Morrison – one of our ALL LADY crews;  Ashleigh is ambassador for CARBON POSITIVE MOTORSPORT –  they are offsetting not just their rally but also all their travel by air and their service crew by sea.

62.  Dave Smith/Drew Jones – another local Subaru team – with great experience and always enjoying themselves.

63. Connor Andrews/William Winstanley – Peugeot 205 – real labour of love for Connor to build this car and excited to see it finally competing in a rally.  Will a very experienced Nova driver himself.

64. Duncan Buck/Cate Buck – black Porsche Carrera 2016 vintage – originally Cate’s shopping car and unmodified – hoping for a finish as their first objective.  Duncan did Jersey Rally in 2016 & 2022 and loved it.

65. Stephen Higgins/Teresa Butler – not a real rally without a real Mini! Mini Cooper 1275 cc  2nd visit to Jersey for Stephen.  Teresa very experienced co-driver.

66. Kevin Shales/Mark Russell – another classic Mini based in Jersey – Kevin has competed in many Jersey rallies.  Late call up for Mark as Kevin’s usual codriver is unwell. Will be a different experience all round.

67. Tim Le Lacheur/Pete Sims – more Guernsey visitors – 1800 cc Escort.

68. Mark Galvin/Nathan Beddoe – the Likely Lads! both now have rally driver licences –this weekend Mark is driving Nathan’s Escort (acquired from James Hanny Hansford) but we reckon Nathan will be driving it very soon…

69. Grant Collins/Thomas Rolland – Subaru Impreza – regular competitors in all forms of Jersey motorsport;  Grant is one of most active supporters of sand racing in the Island and also regularly competes on his bike at sprints etc This is a new combination.

70. Tony Rollings/Mel Romeril – BMW Compact 2997cc – one of the biggest engines on the rally in this powerful BMW. Tony raced for many years and then gave up for a while and now enjoying his return. Very enthusiastic.

71. Samuel Galvin/Joao Vieira – an exciting combination who are making great steps with their rallying in the Mazda MX5 Gashtrac. Sam is certainly a talent to watch for the future.

72. Andy Slade/Pete Bold – 2 litre Escort – 28th overall in 2021 Jersey Rally and returning again for another good finish.

73. Dick Mauger/Geno Gouveia – DICK COMPETED IN 1st RALLY – has brought over some amazing cars to add to the annual spectacle including Escorts, Cosworths, – today in an Escort RS1800.

74. Phil Vedier/Paul Ferbrache – back from Guernsey after a break! Peugeot 206 GTi – great competitors in the fiercely close FWD2 class.

75. Chris MacKay/Piers Little – Ford Fiesta 1998 , brother in law to Richard Le Marquand and always enjoys a great rally in the Fiesta.

76. Thomas Wagstaff/Samuel Thompson – Puma 1679cc. John Woolley’s grandson competing in his first Jersey Rally at 40th anniversary – Grandad John was one of the founding fathers.  Tom and Sam had a challenging L’Etacq but managed to complete the afternoon stages and prove they loved rallying.

77. Charlie Norton/Max Brochet – a new team in 2022 but have now completed a Jersey, Guernsey and L’etacq and enjoying developing as a team in the Citroen Saxo in class B up to 1600cc.

78. Euan Dangerfield/Samantha Dangerfield – a modern Mini – Cooper  S 1598cc , regular rally competitors in Jersey, can developed by SVP Mini experts

79. Tyler Collins/David Knight – Honda Civic VTi 1590cc (it can rev!) – great motorsport enthusiasts with Tyler sand racing from 14 years old, building his own rally car and moving forward.

80. John Turmel/James Turmel – father & son team; 2 litre escort – enjoyed L’Etacq and Jersey previously – James now also has his rally driver’s licence and hopes to compete with his Lupo soon.

81. Andrew Robillard/Martyn Vidamour – back to Jersey after a few years with their Citroen Saxo, also completed Guernsey rally this year.

82. Joao Rodrigues/Jordan Neill – graduated from a Clio to a classic Escort with 1998cc in class C – will be a change from FwD to RWD.

83. Dan Gallichan/Will de la Haye – Puma 1598cc – Dan changing seats from co-driving for the very fast Kevin Rault and celebrating his recent marriage with 2 days rallying! first Jersey Rally as a driver, Puma could be good if lanes are very wet.

84. Glenn Godfray/Ashyanna Bell – BMW 316T1 (1798cc) – regular competitors in all rallies now – took the car to school this week to show students what you can accomplish and talk about rallying.

85. Khan Holden/James Mallandaine – enjoying a holiday from Guernsey ahead of their service crew arriving.  Honda Civic 2 litre – another FwD2 Class competitor. Khan also a regular hillclimb & sprint driver.

86. Mark Scott/Elizabeth Scott – BMW Compact 3 litre – powerful car for this Guernsey crew, enjoyed the Guernsey Rally earlier but found some of the roads a bit tight – maybe better off in Jersey.

87. Marcus Humber/Luke Hounslea – Peugeot 106 rallye 1600cc – another smart rally car for the team’s first Jersey Rally.

88. Roger Holder/Mollie Meacham – Escort 2 litre. Roger’s first Jersey Rally although he has visited Jersey for hillclimbs. Mollie a very fast driver herself but taking the co driver role this weekend.        

89. Philip Jones/Emma Falle – Ford Escort 2 litre – another first time in Jersey but with experienced co driver Emma Falle to guide him around the lanes.  Emma was part of a group taking rallying to school earlier this week.

90. Alyson Touzel/Alix Touzel – ladies have swapped seats this year as Alyson passed driver test earlier 2023. Glamourous granny. 

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